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Hoof Care for the 21st Century

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The Hoof and Body School is unique and is based on the six concepts of the horse:

1. Mind
2. Nutrition
3. Environment
4. Hooves
5. Dental
6. Body

Many schools cover environment, nutrition and of course hooves but the true balance can only be achieved through balanced dentistry, body and hooves.

The three components to a full balanced horse:
1. The TMJ joint allows the mouth to open and close.
2. The full Musculoskeletal System, including all muscles and bones.
3. The horse's foundation or hooves.

The three areas we focus on:
1. Obtaining balance through weight distribution.
2. How things function.
3. What goes up must come down and other effects with gravity.

How does this all fit together?

Every muscle has a job. If one muscle or group of muscles is always contracted the opposing muscles are also affected, changing balance, function and gravity. If all three of these components are not in harmony then you can never truly attain balance.

It's all about Posture not Conformation!

Conformation is about structure—the shape or size of something.  Posture on the other hand is dictated solely by muscular balance . When people talk of conformational faults in a horse, all too often they are really referring to the horse's posture. Faults, such as standing under, camped out, cow hocked, base narrow, etc., are all created by muscular tension and NOT bone structure. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that imbalances in alignment contribute heavily to the growth patterns of the hoof. Hoof growth is created by blood flow and blood flow to the hoof is dictated by pressure. Muscular tension creates imbalance of the body; therefore the blood flow as to where in the hoof the blood flow is concentrated. Our goal is to teach you how to look, see and understand the posture of the horse, how it relates to the feet, to better understand the growth patterns and imbalances.

What is Natural Balance Hoof Care?

The short version isn't much different from the long version. Natural balance hoof care is based on trimming to the internal structures of the hoof, mainly the coffin bone. The coffin bone predetermines the size and shape of the hoof. The coffin bone also tells us the angle of the hoof. If you look at a coffin bone not only can you tell if it's a front or a hind by its angle, but also if it's a left or right hoof by its shape; flair side to the lateral side (outside), straighter side to the medial side (inside). All we have to do is follow the shape of the white line and we will have the proper shape of the hoof. Don't overuse your knife, I can't stress that enough. When trimming the bars, I like to use the width of my rasp to tell me where the height of the bars should be. Basically, all we are doing with our tools is mimicking natural wear that the domesticated horse is incapable of doing on its own. To sum it up: you need to know what a good foot looks like and then stay out of its way.       


The Instructors

Dino and Anthony met in 2011 and became friends immediately. They both are passionate about their work and when working on particular horses they would find themselves saying 'I wish I had Anthony/Dino in my back pocket right now'. They saw each other's strengths and began working together intermittently (based on their coastal distance) as often as they could. After seven years of working together they decided to pool their skills and open a school to produce the first hybrid hoof trimmer/body worker course to provide the equine community with the ultimate in balanced equine care.


Anthony Madaia

Anthony has been trimming since 2001 and is just as excited going to work every morning as if it was his first day. He believes you must have passion for what you do in order to be your best. After completing his initial education he did not stop there. He believes there is always something new to learn and as the years pass has became a better trimmer because of it. He loves to share all that he has learned with as many horse owners who are ready to listen. Anthony can also be found giving presentations to many diverse groups and organizations. His popular presentation is entitled Proper vs. Improper Hoof Care. It's like a timeless Tuxedo: it never goes out of style.

As a barefoot trimmer Anthony thought his tools and the proper application of them were all that he needed to restore balance to a horse's hooves. Yet there has always been a handful of horses that he just couldn’t seem to fix. That is, until he met Dino who showed him the missing piece to the puzzle. The positive changes to horse's posture and therefore its balance can be seen in one good session with Dino. Anthony knew partnering up with him to create a hybrid skilled worker was a no brainer.

Screen shot 2018-06-26 at 9.10.13 PM.png

Dino Fretterd

Dino is a professional Equine Bodywork Specialist. He began working with horses in 1996. Throughout the years his work has taken him across the country to various venues to educate, instruct and provide private clinics for horse owners. During this time he has met and been inspired by some amazing and knowledgeable practitioners.
Dino's vision has always been and always will be the pursuit of balance for horses. His goal is to leave the biggest footprint on this earth in regard to the concept of a truly balanced horse.

To achieve a truly balanced horse, Dino has joined forces with one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Hoof Care Providers he has had the honor to meet.
Although Dino's passion is to work hands on in his practice with these amazing animals, he also lives to educate about the whole horse concept, including Hoof, Body, Dental balance and health. He feels his goal is to share the knowledge that horses have shared with him, alongside his partner Anthony, with individuals who truly desire to make a difference in the world of horses and help create a True Hybrid Hoof and Bodywork Professional.


Course Description

There are no levels. Only the ability to do  the work.

This course is truly all encompassing and there is no other like it offered anywhere. The education you will receive is ground breaking and cutting edge. You will learn how to put the pieces of the horse's puzzle together and wonder why it took so long since it is only three pieces. You will be given the tools to truly see the horse, not just look at the horse. You will have all the necessary skills to completely restore whole horse balance. Classes will cover the hoof inside and out, including the diseases and ailments of the hoof. We will discuss the difference between conformation and posture and how poor posture leads to imbalances in the hoof. By the end of the week you will be working on live horses and producing results you will not believe possible.

Prerequisite: The Horses Muscles in Motion by Sara Wyche

Week 1:

Dental Assessment
Body Assessment
Hoof Problems
Rebuilding a Bad Foot

Horse Handling
Body Work
Trimming Live Horses

6 Concepts
Posture vs. Conformation
What is a good foot

Cadaver Trimming
Body Assessments

Review in the Morning
Body Work
Trimming Live Horses

Week 2:

An intensive full week of working on horses. To attend a Week 2 session students must come prepared having completed 2 case studies on their own based on the skills obtained in a Week 1 session.
Prerequisite: 2 Case Studies

Tuesday - Friday:
Working on live horses with one on one attention

Discuss all case studies

Week 3:
Prerequisite: 4 complete case studies.

Tuesday- Friday:
Work on live horses.
Friday each student will take their practical exam.

Discuss all case studies

Certificates will be awarded to those who have achieved the ability to restore true balance to the horse.

Schedule and Registration

Class size is limited to only 4 students to ensure you receive a individualized education. Week 2 sessions can only be attended if you have applied skills learned in Week 1, on your own and created 2 case studies on horses of your choice. These case studies will be addressed and reviewed at the beginning of a Week 2 Session.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are committed to your success.

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March 2019
Week 1 Class 18th-22nd
Week 2 Class 25th-29th

April 2019
Week 1 Class 22nd-26th
Week 2 Class 29th-3rd

May 2019
Week 1 Class 20th-24th
Week 2 Class 27th- 31st

June 2019
Week 1 Class 17th-21st
Week 2 Class 24th- 28th




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